The Puzzle games have always been the attraction of the gaming world and among people whether one is a child, teenager or an adult. There is an app on the Apple store, ‘Spot the Difference’ to make you sharper with its dynamic graphics, difficulty levels and the addictive games. It is different from all the other puzzle games mainly because of the gifts and offers associated from the well-known shopping site, Amazon. Below is an insight into different aspects of the game-

How to Play the Game? The game rules are similar to what we had worked in the newspapers and magazines. All you need to do is to install the app on your iPhone or iPad. The next step is to launch the game and you’ll get the two images which are identical but on observing them keenly, you’ll notice the minor differences between them and this is all the game is about. The clock will be running to make it even more addictive and challenging. Future of the Game The game comes with preloaded 500 levels and the storage needed is little over 60mb. With the increase in difficulty level with each passing level, the game is pretty nicely built and will be intriguing if you are a lover of mind twister games. This is surely a challenging game which requires mental as well as physical space to concentrate and also helps you in fetching interesting gift vouchers.

The Cons to be Noted Truly speaking, there are not many drawbacks of ‘spot the difference’ game. The only thing which players demand is its launch on the Android i.e. Playstore as well to make it even more popular among masses. In addition, a little heed can be paid on the bugs which sometimes make it crash in between. Otherwise, the game is flawless and surely be the product waiting on your Apple rack.